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The stress of mess

There is nothing more annoying than when you go for a pan in your cupboard and they are not sitting in size order and ready for you to pick up!

In our house, when the kids empty the dishwasher, it is inevitable to go into any cupboard after them to find that everything has been thrown in and it's a disorganised mess.

This week I've been working away organising the cupboards so that nothing falls out when you open them, a random cup often decides to throw itself at me when I open the door and it's these small things that fill me with stress! So I have purchased some organising equipment so these things don't happen anymore and as a woman over 30 you can be assured that I am very excited for them to be delivered!!

Our cupboards are quite deep and for this I have ordered theses shelves to create an extra layer.

Our pots and pans, as you can see from the title photo, are really disorganised and It sends chills up my spine when the pans scrape on each other! So this next purchase should help with this too.

We have one junk drawer in our kitchen and there is everything from calpol syringes to pizza cutters and it often needs tidied so you can find things. I found this fantastic (and colourful) drawer organiser on Amazon.

Drawer organiser

There is something really therapeutic about organising everything in the house and giving it a home. It makes any task simpler to complete, the kids will know exactly where the dishes go from the dishwasher (fingers crossed) and it creates a calm space in your mind. Makes you feel organised and leaves you feeling a little less stressed!!

This is the after photos!

There have been extra layers created. I can fit in mostly twice the amount of things. The drawer organisers are amazing, they keep everything separate and it's a wee bonus that they are lovely and bright 🌞

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