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The Link between your mental health and your home

Have you ever noticed when your feeling low or your run off your feet, struggling to find time to fit everything in or just having a dip that the house always follows? Clutter, dishes, grime, dirt and dirty bathrooms. Every time you open a door, something gets trapped under it. Cupboards don’t shut properly, and Lego becomes your worst nightmare. No one can find anything and anything you pick up feels like it has dirt on it.

It’s hard to juggle all those balls and ensure you keep on top of everything. I have found that the worse my mental health is then my house ends up feeling dirty and less clean. The mess and cleanliness start to stress me out, it niggles away in the back of my mind, and it means I can’t relax.

That toilet needs cleaned, the kid’s beds are going to walk themselves to the washing machine, if food drops on the floor, is it even safe for them to pick it up and eat. Because as much as I tell them not too, they will. These thoughts fester and cause a high amount of anxiety. An anxiety that I wish I didn’t have, but whilst there are things to do, I can’t sit down.

I enjoy cleaning as a rule, I love the satisfaction after doing everything and feeling accomplished. If I am low or not having a good time, then I tend to not want to do the housework.

This is where we decided to hire a cleaner, of course, I own a cleaning company, so I have the house cleaned by them. This means that once a week the house is given a once over and if I feel like cleaning then I can do the deeper clean things. If I don’t, then the house doesn’t fall to rack and ruin.

There was a sense of guilt to start with, I should be doing it myself, I should make the time. If I can sit at night watching documentaries, then surely, I could be cleaning then. There was also the fact that people were in my house, in my bedroom. Did I want that? It made me uncomfortable. Even more so as I was their employer.

But the reality is that I needed help, this wasn’t something I had time for between work, school, homework, the kids’ football, spending time with family and trying to fit in some self-care to prevent me from having a mental breakdown. There was no guilt to feel as the reality was, I needed help and something had to give, somewhere.

I’ll be honest. I love it now. The whole family is involved in tidying the house the night before. Toys and clutter are tidied, and this means the team can come in and clean top to bottom. Properly get into the nitty gritty. Its bliss.

I squeeze our house in wherever there is time, our customers come first. But I do love a Friday clean. It means I get to be in my house over the weekend and sit in the lovely, clean environment. Not tormenting myself with what I should be doing.

So don’t feel guilt, do what you must do to get through and to release the pressure somewhere. We all need a hand. It takes a village….. This saying has always been in my mind. People are meant to be supported and to work together. Not to have all the pressure on them and to feel alone.

The reality is, for less than a new top or dress costs you, you could be getting your house cleaned from top to bottom.

There are many ways you can choose to make it work for your family, so it fits into your budget too. You get to chose someone you are comfortable with and you can even chop and change what it is that gets done.

I now firmly believe (not because I own a cleaning business, but because of my experience) that we should all be cleaning someone else’s house and not our own. It makes everything nicer, more relaxed and my kids can eat whatever they want off the floor. I don’t even look anymore!

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