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Be proud of what you do!!

Why Cleaners should be proud of what they do!

This blog post could literally tell you why you should appreciate cleaners, why our job is more than people think it is and how important to the community we are.

But, to be honest, I am not sure there are many jobs that people actually feel appreciated and respected for what they do. In the past year I have heard hairdressers, beauticians, shop workers, secretary's, solicitors, police men, ambulance drivers, business owners, managers and many more people feeling undervalued as a person in the job they are in.

No matter where you work, you will need skill, understanding and sometimes a lot more training than others to know what you are doing and to be good at it. Hairdressers need to understand how chemicals work, in fact, so do cleaners and beauticians. If they didn't you might end up with burnt hair, no eyebrows or a damaged piece of furniture. Business's wouldn't succeed, messages wouldn't be passed on, criminals would get away with it and there is a high chance that you would walk into any shop and have a really bad experience.

There has been a lot happened during and after Covid. One of the main things, I have noticed, is the difference in people views on work, life and their whole balance.

Lots of time off. Quality time spent with their family, kids and most importantly, on their own. Thinking about what they wanted, where they wanted to be and what was actually important for them to have in their lives. Losing or not being able to see loved ones meant that they re thought about how the spent their time and where. Did they really want to work 40, 50 hours a week and only see family once a month. Should they create more time? Should everyone just have weekends to look forward too? Or could the other days of the week be just as exciting, looked forward too, motivation to get up?

Life was short, what did they want it to be about and at the end of their lives, what did they want to think about in those final moments. Hours spent working, having a big house, the newest car, more money than they knew what to do with, or a loving family around them. Countless memories with people that they truly felt happy and satisfied.

A lot of deep questions for a cleaning blog!

And so, Covid changed the work force, the people, motivation and priorities that they have.

People are not looking for work now on the basis of furthering their careers, climbing that ladder, earning more money and to live a lifestyle that is instagramable and better than the guy next door. Not everyone wants huge house, the newest car or a bigger piece of land than the neighbour.

This time has allowed people to see what is important, rearranged their priorities and meant that they didn't want to return to the life they had.

There are many people qualified in a particular profession, years of learning, degrees and lots of experience to then change their careers. Opting for less pay, better hours and a better balance in life. Or, more pay, less hours. Whatever way it works best. The balance is what is important.

In order for you to enjoy your job, you need to feel a purpose, working in a job just for the money or just for the hours doesn't cut it anymore. There is more appreciation in being able to help others. Make them feel good by doing their hair, give them some time by helping them clean their homes, feeling pretty by doing their nails, help them have a nice experience in a shop by being kind and polite to them.

It is amazing how a bit of politeness, helping someone or even a smile can change someone's day. And happy people in their jobs make everyone around them happy. Its the happiness, purpose and fulfilment that will create the happiness in your life that you deserve. So, be happy. Be proud of what you do and pass that on to everyone around you!

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