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How to effectively clean your home

Our first ever online course and it is only £15!

Below are the course contents

How to effectively clean your home using modern, scientifically proven methods. Cleaning always sounds really easy but have you ever wondered how the professionals do it and what makes someone a 'professional' cleaner?

In this course we teach you how to understand what, why and where to clean. The science behind the movement and products and helping you decide what is best for your family.

01 Why Clean?

People clean for all different reasons, whether it is pride, anxiety fuelled or done out of necessity. It is so much simpler to do if you know how!

Why do you clean?

02 How often to clean?

Some areas of your home need cleaned more often than others. In the next part of the course we discuss how often (on average) each area should be cleaned.

How often do you clean?

03 The science behind cleaning

What do the numbers on the back of your products mean? Where can you find out more information about them? How is science involved in cleaning? In the next chapter we will find out the answers to all of these questions.

04 Product, Product, Product

With so many products on the market, it is good to gain an understanding of what you are using and why.

Product, Product, Product

05 What is disinfection?

What is it that disinfection actually does? Lets find out more.

What is disinfection?

06 3 Step process

The 3 stages of cleaning, used by all professional cleaners.

3 Step process

07 How often to clean high touch areas

High touch areas..... I am sure we have all heard of them now. Lets find out what they actually are.

How often to clean high touch areas

Downloadable High touch area list

08 Methodically clean

We discuss in this section how cleaning in particular way can save you time and effort!

Methodically Clean


09 Daily tasks

The more often you do certain jobs, the less time they take over a longer period. We also have a downloadable cleaning checklist for you!

Daily tasks

Cleaning Checklist

10 Tips & tricks

Some great tips and tricks to speed up your cleaning regime and make it more effective.

Tips & Tricks


11 Course Quiz

Course quiz & certificate

Certificate of completion

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