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Gutter Cleaning

Committed to providing a friendly, reliable and thorough service

At Clean Banffshire Ltd we take health and Safety, as well as our clients satisfaction very seriously. This is why we now have the SKyvac system.

This specifically modified, time efficient, high level gutter cleaning system has been specially designed for outdoor work. It saves time and cost by eradicating the use of cherry pickers and scaffolding.

The SKyvac system is made from carbon fibre, which is a robust, lightweight material that provides the stability needed to complete high reaching work. All from the comfort of the ground with only one person operating it.

With each service we provide a gutter inspection using a camera attached to the top of the Skyvac system. Our operative can see the gutters from a monitor at ground level.

This means that we know the exact work needed to provide the highest standard of service and allows you to see it too.

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